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Reunion 2013

Liz '56, Judy '56 and Pat

Sammie Kay and Friend, Martha

Shaf and Simp @ Chimneys

Penny, Liz, Judy

Simp, Ketz, Kitty '68s

Shafer Sisters <3

Senior Fountain

Simp, Ketz, Judy, Penny in Senior Smoker

Judy, Penny, Ketz, Jake, Simp Hardy stairs to dining hall

Lemoine, Emily, Shelby, Anne '70s

Emily, shelby, Lemoine 70s

Becky '72 and Simp '68

Becky and Susan '70

Carole & Prudy 70s

Carole, Susan, Joanne 70s

Ketz, Simp, Jake 68s

Keetz, Simp 68s and Joanne 70

Emily and Susan 70s

Around Sr. Fountain

70s under Friendship Oak

Lemoine '70 and Ketlzer '68

Linda, Carole, Prudy '70s

Enclosed Breezeway behind dining hall

Hardy Hall and Sr. Fountain

Jan and Shelby

Tom and Jan

Joanne & Emily 70s

Judy Kennedy Boedeker '56

Judy '56 and Penny '62

Julie and Joanne '70s

70s Brunch

Julie and Prudy 70s

Ketz, Simp, Jake 68s

Miss Pat '47

Ketz, PenPen, JuJu, Simp

Crazy 68s


70s brunch




Emily, Lemoine, Linda 70s

NuNu '62

Bar Babes with our bartender, Lisa Marie

Barbara '60

Pat and Pam Haworth HS '63 and 2013 Miss Gulf Park

Dr. Penny discussing

Penny '62 and Kathy '71 (both Professors)

Judy '64 and Penny '62

Penny '62 and Donna ''70

Prudy, Barbara, Joanne

Prudy in Sr. Fountain with red ant bites :-(

Prudy---all better

Becky '70 & Marianne Milnes 48

Jake, Becky Z. and Becky