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Treasurer's Reports

From the Treasurer

2013 Treasurerís Report September 03, 2013- December 31, 2013


 Dues                                     1900.00

 Contributions*                       3800.00

                Total Income          5700.00




  Printing                                1072.58

  Mailing**                                 257.72

  Postage                                  397.55

                Total                      1727.85

Banking supplies***                     22.99

                Total Expenses        1750.84


                Balance Forward     3949.16


* Challenge Match funds included

**Mailing costs cover everything necessary to ready the newsletter for mailing:  cutting paper to size, folding, applying closure stickies, etc.

***Banking supplies:  deposit slips

Just two quick reminders:

An anonymous donor has issued a Challenge to our alums:  A match, dollar for dollar to the amount of $1500.00, for any contribution over and above your annual dues.  To qualify for this Challenge Match, you must place the word Challenge somewhere on your check.

Secondly, we will accept dues for 2014 at any time, but they are due January 1.  

This is driven by the Internal Revenue Service policy/regulations.  We were incorporated and issued an Employer Identification Number in July; at that time our fiscal year was July 1 through June30.  According to IRS policy, we were required to file a tax return for 2012, a year in which we did not exist, clearly not possible.  The IRS recommended that we change our fiscal year to run January 1 to December 31 and we complied.  We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.


Respectfully submitted,

Penelope S. Wright C62